7000 Sandpiper Dr. Townhouses 

 Beautiful Two, Three, and Four Bedroom Units

Located down on the sands in Houghton, just before the Krist gas station as you're heading into Michigan Tech's campus.

Newer build townhouses a mile from Tech's campus.  Large kitchens, spacious bedrooms and multiple bathrooms are in every unit whether you are looking for a 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom unit. Every townhouse has a garage, and access to an exercise room on-site.  


Rent includes:  garbage pick-up and plowed parking.    

Rent Rates:


2 Bedroom:  $520 each for 2 ppl/mo.

Deposit: $350 each or $700. 

3 Bedroom:  $460 each for 3 ppl/mo.

Deposit: $300 each or $900. 


4 Bedroom:  $445 each for 4 ppl/mo.

Deposit: $300 each or $1200. 

Additional roommates are $175/person beyond base rate.

You will feel like home living here.

Utilities (Electric + Heat + Water) average $50 per person/mo.

Video tour of a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse. 

Call Derek Bradway (906) 370-4008  or email derekbradway@hotmail.com 

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