19984 James St.  Houghton

1 Bedroom,  2 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom Apartments


Located between Walmart  and Mich Tech.

 Average electric + heat + hot water is $120/mo. per apartment.

Single Bedroom:

19984 James Street. Large one bedroom apartment with soaring ceilings. Featuring free plowed parking, garbage collection, on-site laundry, oak kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, CAT V internet wired, and fireplace. J#7 & 8 Bonus:  Private BBQ Balcony!


RENT: J# 4- $510/mo.

           J# 7- $520/mo.

           J# 8 - $520/mo.

Those with a loft $520/month. Deposit $400. Call for your personal tour today.

2 Bedroom:  

19984 James Street in Houghton. Over 1,000 square feet of living space and vaulted ceilings provide an expansive view for this lofted 2 bedroom apartment featuring free garbage collection, free plowed parking, oak kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, CAT V internet wired, on-site laundry, and fireplace.  J#6 Bonus:  Private BBQ Balcony!  Apartments vary in size thus the price varies.

 RENT:  J# 1 - $360 each based on 2 ppl/mo.

              J# 2 - $330 each based on 2 ppl/mo.

              J# 5 - $300 each based on 2 ppl/mo.

              J# 6 - $350 each based on 2 ppl/mo.

Deposit - $500

4 Bedroom:

Large   4 bed / 2 bath. Included with rent: heat, garbage collection, plowed parking. Dishwasher, large rooms, fireplace,on site laundry. Gourmet sized kitchen. Secret storage closet. Fantastic parking and a common BBQ deck. 


RENT:  J#3 -  $385 each for 4 friends/mo. Deposit $300 each.  


Call Derek Bradway 906-370-4008 for your personal tour today!

Call Derek Bradway (906) 370-4008  or email derekbradway@hotmail.com 

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